A Descriptive Analysis of Chibrazi, the Urban Contact Vernacular Language of Malawi − a Focus on the Lexicon and Semantic

  • Chimwemwe M.M. Kamanga Department of Applied Languages, Tshwane University of Technology
Keywords: Chibrazi, language manipulation processes, lexical shift, Malawi, mfana, tsado, urban contact vernacular language, vadi


This paper discusses what Chibrazi is. The paper uses some of the findings of a study that provides a basic descriptive analysis of the emerging new contact language with the aim of demonstrating that there is a new mixed language that is emerging within Malawi. The study was designed as a mixed method research that was both theoretical and empirical in nature. Data was collected through a questionnaire, interviews, observation, and literature review. The linguistic data that is presented in the paper was analysed through personal intuition of Chibrazi to illustrate the lexical shift from Malawian languages that is happening through Chibrazi.