Since it transformed from an in-house Bulletin into a full-fledged journal in 2010, Lonaka - Journal of Learning and Teaching (JoLT) has been publishing high-quality higher education articles in a wide range of disciplines.  Its purpose is to promote the scholarship of teaching and learning covering such specialties as:

student learning

teacher education

teaching and learning methods

special groups

student learning assessment

curriculum design and assessment


language and education

gender and education

education and information technology

educational leadership

theories of teaching and learning

theories of education

and other related areas



As an international peer-reviewed journal housed at the University of Botswana, Lonaka provides the Botswana and international academic community an engaging platform where scholars and researchers share information on research, innovations, trends in higher education as well as reflections on learning and teaching in diverse higher education contexts.

Lonaka - JoLT accepts applied, experimental, empirical, and conceptual or theoretical contributions on teaching and learning in higher/tertiary education settings that aim to extend the frontiers of knowledge about the teaching and learning topics in the disciplines at this level. The results of research undertaken should be analysed and evaluated for their meanings, implications, and applications for the improvement of student learning in higher/tertiary education today. Lonaka also provides a terrain for critical discussions on such topics as (but not limited to):

  • how the Scholarship of Learning and Teaching (SoTL) can directly improve student learning outcomes;
  • how SoTL has transformed an academic community/culture;
  • the connects between SoTL and other forms of scholarship;
  • how best to integrate SoTL into higher education today, or into a university community; and,
  • the problems and benefits of international collaboration in doing SoTL and applying the results to higher education learning and teaching (classroom, online, or in combination).

As university academics increasingly address themselves to enhancement of student learning and outcomes, the Journal is equally available as a forum for personal insights on how SoTL has affected one's attitude and/or approach to teaching and student learning and what the results have been for teaching effectiveness and student learning outcomes.

Lonaka – JoLT is published twice in a year (June and November) in electronic form, and it is open to articles, essays, personal reflections, and book reviews dedicated to all aspects of teaching and learning in higher education. Each submission received by Lonaka must first pass the fit-for-purpose test before it goes through a double-blind review process. For regular issues, authors can submit their papers to the journal at any time of the year.

Lonaka – Journal of Learning and Teaching also accepts proposals for special issues about specific research themes in teaching and learning. Calls for special issues will be announced as and when proposals are received. If you are interested in publishing a special issue, contact the Journal editor: