The Botswana AIDS Impact Survey of 2013: Interpretations and implications

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Musa Wenkosi Dube


This special issue of Pula: Botswana Journal of African Studies is dedicated to the interpretation of the results of the Botswana AIDS Impact Survey 2013 (henceforth BAIS IV), and seeks to highlight their implications for HIV and AIDS programmes in Botswana as well as for further research.  Through the facilitation of the University of Botswana HIV and AIDS Coordination office, the National Council of AIDS Agency (NACA) was invited to collaborate with the University of Botswana researchers. NACA accepted this invitation by expressing an interest in BAIS IV-based research project. Interested University of Botswana researchers were identified and BAIS IV data and report were made available to them for further investigation.  The authors of the articles in this volume, therefore, interpret and analyse BAIS IV within the national, regional and international literature on HIV and AIDS.  

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