Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) Enabled Trade Facilitation in Botswana

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Patricia M Makepe
Kgomotso Montsi
chidozie Njoku


This paper explores the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in the facilitation of trade in Botswana. Its aim is to improve the understanding of the role ICTs can play in enhancing trade through better trade facilitation. Trade facilitation is considered as the simplification and harmonization of international trade procedures. The main findings of this study are that Botswana is still in the early stages in the use of ICTs in trade. Several factors were found to be responsible for this, including low internet and very low broadband penetration, high computer prices, the high cost of services, and low IT literacy in the country. Respondents in the study perceive ICT applications for trade and border management in Botswana to be a novelty as it is still at its infancy stage. Greater advocacy, awareness and facilitation for ICT use and adoption are recommended.


Keywords: trade facilitation, ICTs, simplification, harmonisation, international trade procedures, internet.


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