Trends in Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction in Botswana: A Corruption Control Perspective

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Stephen Kapunda
Boitumelo D Moffat


This article examined the trends in economic growth and poverty in relation to corruption indices in Botswana relative to other SADC countries. Using Botswana cross-country data, the study has shown that there is a negative correlation between economic growth and corruption, but a positive correlation between poverty and corruption. It has also shown that Botswana has consistently been the least corrupt in Africa and, over time, economic growth has been impressive while poverty levels have remained relatively low. We suggest that other countries in Africa can learn from Botswana. They can control inflation through effective anti-corruption institutions and improve governance and adopt a judicious use of resources as Botswana has done. Emulating Botswana could help these African countries to enhance economic growth and reduce poverty.



Keywords: economic growth, corruption, inflation, governance, poverty reduction.

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