Enviromental Moral Degeneration and Regeneration: Towards Setswana Ecological Biblical Hermeneutics

  • Kenosi Molato University of Botswana
  • Musa Wenkosi Dube
Keywords: Environmental degradation, Globalization, Setswana ecological knowledge, Enviromental ethics, Setswana biblical hermeneutics


The paper explores Setswana and biblical moral teachings on the environment as well as their functions in the preservation of the Earth. It will also look at how contemporary profit-oriented relationships with the Earth constitute moral degeneration. Lastly, the paper will discuss how some Setswana perspective on the environment can constitute Earth friendly ways of reading the Bible for the revitalization of the Earth community as a whole. This paper demonstrated that in reading the Biblical narrative of Genesis 8:20, 9:17 God was not making a covenant only with men but rather God was making a covenant with the Earth using Noah as a representative of the whole creation. Consequently, Setswana Ecological biblical hermeneutics used in this paper offers an Earth friendly perspective of reading the Bible.