The Church as a Place and Instrument for Reconciliation and Peace-building

  • Eale E Bosela University of Botswana
Keywords: church, place, role, instrument. Reconciliation peace-building


Being a sign and instrument of God’s intention and plan in the world, the Church is called to play a prophetic role and exercise the ministry of reconciliation that has been entrusted to it by the Lord Jesus Christ. Because of its trustworthy nature, the Church is identified to be a place and also an instrument of reconciliation. The role of the Church goes beyond the reconciliation of sinner and God through Jesus Christ. It addresses reconciliation more broadly in society. The critical role of the Church is also ensuring that voices of voiceless reverberate in the hall of public policies. The church’s initiative for reconciliation should be anchored on the concept that peace is the tranquillity that flows from right order mutual understanding between its members and with the environment.