The Appropriation of Social Media Technologies by the Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) Gaborone Assembly, Botswana

  • Fidelis Nkomazana University of Botswana
Keywords: Social Media technologies, WhatsApp, YouTube, SMS (short message service) and evangelistic strategy.


The article demonstrates how Christianity, particularly Pentecostalism15, with a specific reference to the Apostolic Faith Mission Assembly (hereafter referred to as AFM), in Gaborone, Botswana, uses social media to facilitate the effectiveness of its programmes, operations and activities.16 The paper examines how social media has affected the operations and impacted of their evangelistic strategies and activities. Participants for the study were drawn from the organisational and operational structures of the AFM Gaborone congregation such as the Church Board, which is the local governing body of the church; the church office, departments and committees of the church. This also included the managers of the different social media platforms used by different committees (WhatsApp,SMS, Facebook) as well as the leaders of the committees, responsible for the day-to day operations of programmes and activities of their departments. The study, therefore, examines these social media platforms and church leaders, to appreciate the efforts made and the extent to which they impact on the spread of the Pentecostal message. The extent to which they inspire members to participate in the evangelistic programmes and strategies of the church is also discussed. The findings suggest that the evangelization has always been a primary goal of the AFM and that the church is appropriating social media technologies to facilitate that fundamental mission of disseminating the Gospel to members of the church and the society.