The Bible, Social Media and the Public Persona of ill-bodies in neo-Pentecostal Charismatic Churches

  • Eliot Tofa University of Eswatini
Keywords: Debase; ill-bodies; neo-Pentecostalism; proximity-seeking behaviour; public persona; self-worth; social media; testimonies


A simple Google search can reveal how religion has damaged the image of faithful believers on various social media platforms. Picking from selected faith-healing practices of neo-Pentecostal Charismatic Churches, this paper demonstrates ways in which some Christian churches are, and continue to taint the public persona of ill-bodies on Facebook and other internet websites. The paper takes the position that, when ill-bodies confess of having spiritual husbands or wife; of being witches in order to receive total healing in the name of Jesus Christ, this does not only orient desperate adherents towards self-fulfilment but does greater harm on the public image of ill-bodies. It proceeds to attribute these practices–giving testimonies-to a defective understanding of Jesus of Nazareth’s miracles and a conservative reading of the Bible meant to promote proximity-seeking behaviours. It concludes by pointing out the long-lasting repercussions of those     confessions in the lives of believers when uploaded on the internet and circulated on various social media websites