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Tshegofatso Mmamosadinyana Gareegope


The objective of this article is to interrogate the concept of Botho/Ubuntu in relation to Botswana and argue that it is more than just an ideology but a way of life for Botswana. It is noted that, there has been much debate on what Botho/Ubuntu is and where it can be found within the Nguni and Bantu speaking people. This article aims to add to such discussion and state that the concept of Botho/Ubuntu also exists in Botswana. In addition, such concept in Botswana is referred to as “Botho”. Botho in Botswana is a basis of various cultural expressions and forms part of the way of live of Batswana. This article will show how Botswana has integrated Botho into its national principle through including it in their national strategy outlined in Vision 2036. It will argue that Botswana needs to take lessons from South Africa and its incorporation of the concept of Botho/Ubuntu into their legal jurisprudence, and incorporate Botho into Botswana legal jurisprudence as well.

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