Barolong Seboni, Nitty Gritty: The Book of Meanings

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Tiro Sebina


Nitty Gritty-The Book of Meanings is Barolong Seboni’s latest compilation of brief satirical skits, vignettes,

rib-ticklers, poems and lists of newly minted words and jingles. The jocular collection features
a complete dictionary of Tshele (‘gossip’). Intellectual teasers, light-minded Commandments, prayers,
and laments are in the mix. Seboni’s literary credentials are secure. He is an author of more than a dozen
book publications. For more than half a century, he has consistently proven to be a productive writer. As a
writer, he has remarkable drive, staying power, versatility, and finesse. Seboni is an unassuming doyen of
Botswana literature who continues to use his ever-valid poetic licence to edify. He dedicates his humor
ous pieces to a quintet of brilliant Botswana journalists whom he honours as ‘the grandmasters of satire’
namely: Rampholo Molefhe, Paul Rantao, Kgosinkwe Moesi, Billy Chiepe and Douglas Tsiako.

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