Feminist Ecology, Despoliation and Resilience in Environmental Education

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Bolatumi Oyegoke


The simple word “environment” has become synonymous with “human habitat” which is in turn
an understatement because this habitat does not belong to humans alone, it is shared with animal
and plant life whose diversity is comparable to that of human life. The characteristic diversity of
the species of the human habitat or planet Earth came under threat from the activities that were
undertaken by humans on behalf of development. Historical phases of human development are
referred to as industrial revolutions which have so far counted up to four, according to scholars.
These phases of development in human history coincide with periods of the greatest damage to
the environment resulting in a systematic disappearance of the species from the human habitat the
source of the natural resources that have driven the industrial revolutions and is at the same time the
dustbin into which waste products from the associated industrial and household activities are thrown.
This essay examines feminist ecology, despoliation and resilience in environmental education.

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