A review of Outcomes of Treatment among 29 cases of Extensively Drug Resistant Tuberculosis in Johannesburg

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Mame Dieynaba Dia Diop
Ntambwe Malangu


The purpose of this study was to describe the outcomes of treatment in patients suffering from Extensively Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (XDR-TB) who had been admitted to a specialised resistant tuberculosis treatment health facility in Johannesburg from January to December 2010. A review of records was undertaken using a data extraction form designed specifically for this study. The data collected were socio-demographic such as age, sex and employment status; clinical data such as the duration of treatment, drugs used, adverse effects, co-morbidities and outcomes of treatment. It was found that, overall, treatment outcomes were poor as the treatment success (cured plus completed) was 20.7% while 27.6% had defaulted treatment and 20.7% had died. Of those who died, 50% had been HIV-positive, 33.3% had renal failure and 16.7% had hypertension. In conclusion, treatment outcomes in XDR-TB patients at the study site had been very poor. This situation calls for more efforts to be put into decreasing the proportion of patients who default treatment; introduce new effective drugs and manage well co-morbidities that affect these patients.

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