Dairy production in Botswana: current status and prospects

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A A Aganga
M Thobega
S Setimela


This paper provides an overview of the dairy industry in Botswana. The paper is structured around the milk production and importation to meet the national shortfall in milk and milk product requirements. The prospects for sustained growth in national dairying require some changes in dairy management practices. Also, there are significant opportunities to develop small-scale processing plants to serve smaller urban settlements. Botswana augments its milk production with dairy products imported maily from the Republic of South Africa. The dairy imports are maily fresh milk, ultra high temperature (uht) milk, milk and cream in solids forms, buttermilk, flavoured milk, whey, butter, cheese, diary spreads, fats and oils derived from milk. Given the current growing demand and limited availability of resources, achieving self-sufficiency in dairy products is an almost impossible task in the short term. Dairy self-sufficiency can be achieved only if more investments are made into dairy production and necessary infrustructure, training and policies are provided for the industry.

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A A Aganga, Botswana College of Agriculture

Department of Animal Science & Production