The influence of management systems on rangeland conditions under different

O E Kgosikoma


The present study investigated rangeland conditions in communally grazed lands and ranches in different parts of semiarid Botswana. Soils and vegetation assessments were carried out along 23 transects randomly located in both communal grazing land and ranches. The soil organic carbon was low in sandveld regions, but did not differ significantly (P > 0.05) between management systems except at Goodhope. Observations on herbaceous vegetation showed that both communal land and ranch at Goodhope were not degraded, with a balance of increase II and decreaser species. Other rangelands poor conditions were dominated by increaser II species. Bush encroachment was observed in both communal and ranches at Matlolakgang and Xanagas, which further confirm that these rangelands were degraded. The results suggest that rangeland degradation is highly pronounced in the sandveld region, but is not limited to communal lands only as suggested by Tribal Grazing Land Policy of Botswana

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