Beefing up the agricultural industry with science

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Othusitse Ricky Madibela


This is my second editorial as the Scientific Editor of BOJAAS. When I was first nominated for this position, I was not enthusiastic in taking it up. I still wanted to push my research ideas and BOJAAS would take much of my time. Yes, it has. I have piles of data waiting to be analysed and papers to be written. However, due to my fervor for science, I felt I would be doing a good service to Botswana science and in particular the agriculture industry. My main goal was not only to improve the quality of articles published in BOJAAS but also to give space and opportunity to work which would otherwise not be accepted in the so-called reputable and international journals. This did not mean compromising on quality, but rather walking an extra mile in helping the up and coming authors in improving their papers before they could publish them in BOJAAS.

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Othusitse Ricky Madibela, Botswana College of Agriculture

Professor of Animal Nutrition (Ruminant)

Dept of Animal Science & Production