'A Woman of Courage’: An Interpretation of the Biblical Hebrew Perspective in Relation to Women and Business in Botswana

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Mmapula Diana Kebaneilwe


This essay attempts to read biblical wisdom literature in relation to modern women entrepreneurship. Whereas traditionally in the Setswana culture and many other cultures women are often perceived as sluggish when it comes to doing business, there is reference in the Bible to hardworking women engaging
in mercantile or entrepreneurial pursuits for family and society. The paper uses a biblical text namely Proverbs chapter 31 verses 10-31 to encourage Batswana women to work hard and to go beyond small scale to international businesses capable of improving their lives and their communities as well as the nation at large. The paper demonstrates that while previous studies indicate that Batswana women (like many of their African counterparts) take the Bible as an authentic document capable of providing answers to pertinent existential questions, not much has been done with regard to women and entrepreneurship in the Bible. Women’s involvement in business is critical in the creation of wealth and employment as Botswana, like many countries in the world, is grappling with serious issues of unemployment.

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