Obed Kealotswe


This paper is an attempt to construct a Theology of Disability. The paper argues that disability has never been accepted by Jewish culture and many African cultures because it is associated with curses from the ancestors. The paper argues that the writing of the Old Testament (OT) and some parts of the New Testament (NT) were also influenced by the Jewish culture of the time which stigmatized disabled people. The healing of disabled people by Jesus was a way of helping them from stigmatization. Disabled people in both the OT and NT were always helped by being healed so that they should not be stigmatized. This paper argues that the healing or restoration of disabled people was a way of showing that disability was not an acceptable state of life in both the OT and NT. However, this paper argues that the acceptance of disabled people started with Jesus Christ himself when he still remained the Saviour even after his crucifixion when his body was marred by the injuries inflicted on him. The universalization of Christianity by Paul is one pointer to the inclusive nature of the Christian religion which accepts people in their condition without changing them.

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