The Diverse Approaches and Reasons in the Implementation of Business Process Reengineering Between the Government Sector and the State Owned Enterprises in Botswana

Klodwig Mgaya


Organisations may be influenced by different reasons to change their business processes. The approaches to changing the processes may also differ across organisations.  This study looks at the diversity of reasons for carrying our business process reengineering (BPR) and the approaches used in the government sector and the state owned enterprises(SOEs) in Botswana. A survey questionnaire was used to collect data from the two sectors. The study shows that the government sector and the state owned enterprises were influenced by different reasons to reengineer their business processes. It is the deficiency in service delivery after the implementation of the performance management system which compelled the government sector to venture into BPR while the state owned enterprises were heavily influence by the implementation of new technologies such as the enterprise resource planning systems and advanced communication networks. It is concluded that the government sector will be forced to reengineer its processes again when they decide to fully innovate their processes using new technologies.

Keywords:     Business Processes, Business Process Reengineering, Public Sector Innovation, Business Process Management.

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